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"Like therapy for my daughter"

"Laila started Cherry Tree Day nursery when she was nine months old. She was under weight as being a premature baby. She was delayed in her development. Nursery Directors and management has helped me a lot. As I was WORRIED about her being underweight, the owners and management helped me with her speech and language by making a referral to speech therapy and helped me getting a referral to a dietician. They took all the concerns regarding her development very seriously and applied to all the external agencies for my daughter. They gave her one to one support which help her to increase her appetite. The Director did music sessions with her which acted like therapy for my daughter."

Mrs Hussain

"The staff are excellent"

"As a mother of twins, I am very satisfied with the nursery. The staff are excellent. They do take care of the kids and do a lot of activities to enhance their skills. I must say it is the best nursery in this area."

K I (Mother of Child)

"My daughter loves attending nursery"

"My daughter loves attending nursery and enjoys the day to day activities, she has made some lovely friends who she talks about a lot. She also enjoys looking after the pet rabbit. The staff are very kind and approachable. We are very happy with the care our daughter has at nursery and feel she has learnt a lot especially numbers, phonics and Spanish."

C M (Mother of Child)

"Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery is the best."

"I must say after I have used a different nursery that Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery is the best."

S B (Mother of Child)

"The staff are all so lovely"

"My daughter has been attending Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery since September, she loves going and always tells me about her day and all the fun activities she gets up to. The staff are all so lovely and friendly with a smile on their faces. The facilities for the children are really good, especially the outside space, I don't have a bad word to say about them and would recommend to friends."

Emma R (Mother of Child)

"It is a fantastic nursery"

"All three of my sons attend Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery. It is a fantastic nursery, they thoroughly enjoy all the Spanish they learn, often coming home repeating phrases. Staff are very friendly and very relaxed with the children which is important as they feel very comfortable here. I would recommend this nursery to friends again and again."

Emma P (Mother of Child)

"The nursery provides excellent care for the children."

"The staff look after the twins very carefully and patiently, the nursery provides excellent care for the children."

R A (Father of Child)

"The nursery is a caring home environment "

"The nursery is a caring home environment that has nurtured my son's development. The staff are very friendly and the nursery has always tried to be flexible to help meet our needs."

H P (Mother of Child)

"A great safe and caring environment"

"A great safe and caring environment that has enabled our son to grow with confidence. The nursery and staff are extremely friendly and strive to accommodate to meet our needs where possible."

P S (Father of Child)

"I'd like to recommend Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery to all my friends"

"I'd like to recommend Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery to all my friends because of the staff and manager, they are quite helpful and friendly. They look after the babies and kids very well. A few staff, in particular, are excellent, they provide a high-quality service as much as they can. We cannot be working without them. I like them a lot. All staff have been trained very well. I can't say thank you enough. Well done all staff and managers."

Thaw Thaw M (Mother of Child)

"A great safe and caring environment"

"A great safe and caring environment that has enabled our son to grow with confidence. The nursery and staff are extremely friendly and strive to accommodate to meet our needs where possible."

P S (Father of Child)

“Happy Environment”

“With caring staff and teachers, all round cleanliness and happy environment, there is nothing more a child or parent needs from a nursery.”

“Daughter Absolutely Loves It”

“Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery is fantastic. My 4-year-old daughter absolutely loves it. They have a fresh snack and homemade lunch every day. The staff are friendly and very welcoming, always smiling and happy. My daughter always has a lot to say at the end of the day, painting. drawing, cooking, outdoor activities and playing with Ellie the nursery Bunnie. I happily recommend Cherry Tree to friends and family.”

“Daughter Felt at Home”

“My eldest daughter attended Cherry Tree for about 3 years so when I had my youngest it was only right that she was going to join Cherry Tree too. My daughter felt at home and both settled in quickly. Since being here she has grown in confidence and her learning has progressed. She is very confident and is learning Spanish which is lovely. The Cherry Tree team have always been there to help. Even if I need last minute help I can call them up and they will take my daughter whenever I need help. Having been with Cherry tree for years I will continue to send my daughter here all the staff make you feel at home.”

“The Only Place I Would Like My Kids to Go”

“The only place in Hemel Hempstead where I would like my kids to go in my absence. Cherry trees gives a very homely environment. They worked with me and made the nursery transition very good for my child. My 20-month-old misses it over the weekends. We love Cherry Trees.”

“Very Friendly”

“The place a child can be at when not at home. The environment is very friendly and full of educational surroundings. Extremely helpful staff. The manager has met all my concerns and worries that I have ever spoke about, also lovely to me at times. Their outdoor activities are the best, he loves being in the garden and the animals outside. He has learnt to feed the animals too. In short, I am extremely happy with all that is happening around him.”


“The nursery is lovely and my granddaughter loves it and is happy. All staff are very professional and friendly. Would recommend this.”

“Very Loving and Caring”

“My kids have been going to this nursery for 9 months now and it has become a big part of their lives. Both of them have flourished, grown in confidence and become independent. All the staff at the nursery are very loving and caring and have become part of the family for the kids. The atmosphere is great, clean and kids are given fresh and healthy homemade food which caters to their needs very well. I am proud to say that my children go to such an excellent nursery.”

“Safe and Loved”

“I have found Cherry Tree to resemble everything a parent/guardian will want from a nursery and more. I feel relieved to have found somewhere, where my child is well looked after, encouraged, taught, safe and loved, in comparison to what I thought a nursery should be like. Cherry tree is without a doubt head and shoulders above the rest and a bonus is that my 3 year old can count to 12 in Spanish too! His manners are encouraged and he is given confidence.”

“Always Learning Something New”

“My son has been at Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery for almost a year now and he always enjoys going. He does lots of different activities and is always learning something new and improving on what he already knows. Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery is an excellent nursery which I highly recommend. All the staff are lovely and helpful and have taught my son to be independent, kind and polite.”

“Home Away from Home”

“I have been taking my daughter to Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery since she was a tiny baby. My daughter is going to be 3 years old in December and she adores going to this nursery, she really enjoys it there and the staff look after her and all the other children in such a way that I really appreciate. Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery is like a "home away from home" for my daughter and I am always very grateful for all their help and support and most importantly for looking after my precious daughter in such a great and professional manner.”

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