Fun Children’s Spanish Lessons at Our Hemel Hempstead Nursery

Give your precious ones a head start in life by sending them to us. Call Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery Hemel Hempstead, based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, to discover our Spanish for Kids class. The children’s Spanish lessons that we offer are great for young minds, so get in touch now!

Bilingual Nursery

It's never been easier to give your children the gift of a new language than during their pre-school years. Children's brains have a far greater aptitude for learning languages. That's why here at the Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery Hemel Hempstead we implement Spanish instructions to make sure that this wonderful skill is not wasted.


See your child thrive by learning in a bilingual environment. The advantages of learning any new language are massive, and learning Spanish has particular benefits, such as:


  • Children are natural learners and love the process.

  • Children see a marked increase in their aptitude of English.

  • It is a great confidence booster for children.

  • Second language learning helps develop cognitive abilities.

  • Spanish is spoken by about 500 million people worldwide.

  • Spanish is one of the world's fastest-growing languages.

  • Learning Spanish enhances travel experiences in Spain, Central America, and South America.

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Bilingual Environment

Watch your kids enjoy learning as they become Spanish speakers. There are many educational advantages to being bilingual, but maybe most importantly of all is that it's fun! Children delight in learning new words and phrases. Whether it is greetings such as "hola", "buenos dias", or "como estas?"

See them enjoy asking during meals times if they would like milk or juice (leche, or zumo) for breakfast. Children enjoy singing Spanish nursery rhymes, familiarising themselves with the Spanish words for body parts, days of the week, months of the year, and colours. It also benefits children to talk about their feelings and sensations in Spanish such as, “I am hot” (tengo calor) or “I am thirsty” (tengo sed).

Classes for Parents

Don't let your little ones leave you behind, take advantage of this opportunity to become a Spanish speaker in your own right! By doing this, you can see the benefits of our bilingual nursery come to your home. Spanish is easier to learn than most languages as it is very phonetic. This means that what you hear it is what you write. It follows similar grammatical rules to English and if you are able to understand any of these words, you're able to learn Spanish:

Classes for Parents

  • Horrible

  • Similar

  • Escribir

  • Vigilar

  • Terrible

  • Absorver

  • Observar

  • Visitar

  • Idea

  • Edentico

  • Admirar

  • Delicado

  • Imposible

  • Increaible

  • Ideal

  • Esplendido

  • Fabuloso

  • Magnifico

  • Fantastico

  • Excelente

  • Perfecto

  • Problema

  • Estupendo


Why Teach Your Baby/ Toddler Spanish?


  • Children are natural learners and love it.

  • Children will be able to write and spell better using the English Language.

  • Children’s confidence will be developed.

  • Children are born with tremendous power for learning.

  • Second language learning will help develop the mind and speed learning in other subjects.

Why Should You Learn Spanish?


  • Spanish is spoken by about 500 million people worldwide.

  • Spanish is one of the world’s fastest-growing languages.

  • Apart from being able to use the Spanish language, you will also enhance your travel experiences in Spain and in very exotic countries in Central and South America.

Contact us, in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, to find out more about our children’s Spanish lessons, Spanish for Kids.