Children’s Music Lessons at Our Hemel Hempstead Nursery

At Cherry Tree Bilingual Day Nursery Hemel Hempstead we are proud of the in-house music teacher we have. Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, our director Mr Ocampo regularly entertains the children from musical activities with guitar, piano, and percussion. Our Zumba and Music and Movements classes are also incredibly popular, so get in touch now.

Why Choose Our Music Class?

Why Choose Our Music Class?

  • We believe music should be introduced at birth and should involve all the family and also the staff at setting.

  • Music should be introduced in a lucid and playful way.

  • Music is a creative experience which involves expression of feelings.

  • Young children and babies often do not have the words to express themselves; Music and movement are vital to life. Music evokes movement which is crucial for their developmental and growth. Children’s energy is channelled in creative and productive directions with our regular activities.

  • Music develops social skills by encouraging taking turns to listen to each other singing.

  • Develops cognitive and fill the emotional part of the brain.

  • Musical experiences which enhance processing can therefore impact on the perception of language which, in turn, impacts on learning to read.

  • Music engages the brain while stimulating neural pathways associated with such higher forms of intelligence as abstract thinking, empathy, and mathematics.

  • Music is an aural art and young children are aural learners. Since ears are fully mature before birth, infants begin learning from the sounds of their environment before birth.

  • Music is perfectly designed for training children's listening skills. Good listening skills and school achievement go hand in hand.

  • Music's melodic and rhythmic patterns provide exercise for the brain and help develop memory.

For further information on our children’s music and piano lessons, call us, in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.